About Dr. Neha Ahuja

Dr. Neha Ahuja has done her graduation and post-graduation in Ayurveda from a prestigious university. She has practiced Ayurveda for 15 years and now has become Ayurveda for Rural Women Initiator. She believes that leading a healthy life for a rural woman needs knowledge about hygiene, compassion for herself, and a pinch of love. Here, we needed an initiator to help rural and semi-rural women. Bourgveda was born after the desire of Dr. Neha to serve women with the best ayurvedic treatment. She has studied and practiced Ayurveda around rural women which made her connect with them on the grass root. Watching them suffering from chronic diseases, not getting proper medication, and lack of knowledge about daily hygiene practices broke her heart every day. With the determination to provide compassionate, ethical, effective, and quality Ayurveda healthcare to rural and semi-rural populations, she dropped her well-paying government job. With the Holistic approach to treating the root cause of health issues, she encapsulates the treatment customized to the individual needs.

About Dr. Neha Ahuja

Vision of Dr. Neha Ahuja

For her, women’s health is a holy grail. As an Ayurveda for Rural Women Initiator, she aspires to reach every woman who is suffering and wants to start a healing journey. She strives to generate awareness about women’s health and its impacts.

Mission of Dr. Neha Ahuja

With her experience and empathy toward patients, she aims to make life healthier and happier. She vouches for well-being and is committed to educating, helping, and providing Ayurveda treatment for a healthier life. 

Free Consultation for Rural Women

Being a woman and initiator, Dr. Neha understands that every woman undergoes a series of physical and psychological changes. So, she is providing free consultation for restoring and maintaining physical and psychological balance for rural women at all stages of life. 

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