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Consultation through Ayurveda E-Paramarsh Kiosk

Through our E-Paramarsh kiosk, the rural and semi-rural population of India can get high-quality treatment. To empower and educate the women of rural India, we provide a free consultation. Here, they can consult anytime, anywhere!

“Here PREVENTION and WELLNESS go hand in hand”


We believe in diagnosing the root cause of the disease and offer personalized Ayurveda treatment to every individual. We combine lifestyle changes, medicines, and diet to provide the highest quality of treatment and care. At every step of your healing journey, Bourgveda is with you.

“Prevent your health with the traditional heritage of Ayurveda”


Detox your body and mind with ayurvedic therapies. Our therapies offer purification of the body, treatment, and rejuvenation. With natural Ayurvedic medicinal oils and therapeutic remedies, we achieve a strong healing effect.